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Boise Idaho Wedding Photography Prices and Packages by Photographer Mike McElhatton

Digital Arts Photography now offers wedding photography for Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Star and all surrounding areas of southwest Idaho and adjacent Oregon.   No travel fee for available dates.

Check your wedding date for availability   Or call 208-791-3892  

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Up to 5 hours of photography.

Over 200 4x6 professional prints plus the same images on copyright-free CD

 11x14 Portrait Print - choose any image from your wedding photos

Choose $50 in additional prints  See "Individual Prints" price list at the bottom of this page

Online gallery of your wedding photos to share with friends and family worldwide.


Up to 5 hours of photography.

Over 200 images in print and on copyright-free CD

20 page 8x8 or 8x10 album

 11x14 Portrait Print - choose any image from your wedding photos

$75 in additional prints  See "Individual Prints" price list below

Online gallery of your wedding photos to share with friends and family worldwide.


This package includes six hours of shooting time on your wedding day plus a 20 page custom designed album. 


 6 hours of photography.

 Mix of color and black and white, creative effects.

 250+ professionally processed wedding photos, in print and on copyright-free CD.

 20 page custom wedding album - all prints on archival quality Kodak Endura Pro Paper

  Album is top quality, elegant and built to last a lifetime. 

 11x14 Portrait Print - choose any image from your wedding photos

 Additional Prints: $100 in additional prints  See "Individual Prints" price list at the bottom of this page

 You wedding album is displayed online as it is created so you can comment on it as it is designed




   6 - 7 hours of photography.

  300+ professionally processed wedding photos, in print and on copyright-free CD.

  20 page custom album.  Your wedding album is displayed online as it is created so you can make comments as it comes together.

16x20 Portrait Print - choose any image from your wedding photos

  Additional Enlargements: Choose $125 in additional individual prints  See "Individual Prints" price list at the bottom of this page.

  Includes your choice of the Engagement Photo package, as described below, $100 in additional prints, or personal wedding magazine, design plus 2 copies.


Includes everything in Wedding Collection 4  plus......


 Wedding albums for Mom - one album for each of your moms.  Your choice of press printed book or traditional album.  Same photos as the bride's album


 Includes design of wedding magazine plus 4 copies


(2) additional 11x14 copies of your portrait print

Introducing a new wedding accessory item - The Personal Wedding Magazine

A inexpensive accessory to your wedding package, the WeddingMag is a great gift for friends and family.

Created just for your wedding, the WeddingMag is printed on beautiful paper and has the look and feel of a high end magazine


It's easy to add a personal wedding magazine to your package

There is a one time design fee of $99.  That's it! 

The magazine can then be purchased online for $15 plus shipping. 

If you add ten or more copies to your package they are just $10 each. 



Digital Arts Photography is first in the entire USA to offer the Personal Wedding Magazine!

    (Engagement Photos are included with Wedding Collection 4 and the Deluxe Package)

  • Includes your choice:

  • (A) Engagement Photo in Signature Matte   Guests sign directly on the matte.  Signature Boards can be used as an alternative to traditional guest books or in addition to your guest book, or

  • (B) $50 in prints at the Individual Prints prices shown below

  • Your selected images on copyright-free CD is included with all engagement package.

  • Your images will also be submitted via email to whatever newspapers you select at no additional charge. 


Additional Information

Payment is accepted by VISA and Mastercard, personal check, cash, and Paypal 

BOOKING A WEDDING DATE   There is a deposit/retainer of $350 to hold your date.  Your deposit is applied towards the total cost of your wedding.    My Wedding Contract is available to download.

Travel :  If your date is available there is no travel fee for Boise and vicinity, Lewiston-Clarkston and vicinity, Moscow - Pullman and vicinity.  Travel to Coeur d Alene - Spokane is generally $125 and travel to McCall is $175.    Weddings which require an overnight stay or extended travel may have additional charges.  You will be give an exact quote of any travel fees before you book your wedding. 

Sales tax will be added to all purchases.

Photography Coverage : In general, six hours of coverage is sufficient to capture all the details of most weddings. Most of the albums you will see on this website have been photographed with six hours of coverage.  I understand that weddings sometimes run a bit late and there is no additional fee if the coverage time is extended by up to one half hour.  Additional hours can be added at $75 per hour. 

Additional  Coverage & Rehearsals: Rehearsal coverage can be added to any wedding package for $175 if the date is available.   

Shipping: There will be a shipping charge if your prints or albums need to be sent to you.  $25 is the average total cost for two shipments (initial prints and then album) sent to addresses in the continental United States.

All prices are subject to change.   You will not be affected by any change in price after you book your wedding - you will be locked in to the price when you booked.  Current prices will always be displayed on this website. 

Everything in your wedding package must be ordered / collected within six months of your wedding.   Any unordered items remaining in your package after six months, such as additional prints provided with the package, will expire after six months.  You must order all additional prints, as well as your wedding album, within six months of your wedding date. 

Photo CD   CD will include all of the pictures provided to you as printed proofs.   All of the images provided to a client on CD may be reproduced, distributed,  or printed by the client without restriction and without credit or additional payment to the photographer.  The photographer may also use the images for promotional or advertising purposes.    Photos on the CD are high resolution ( 300 dpi ) which is the most common resolution for commercial printing.  Images will generally be sized the same as your proofs, either 4x6 ( the most popular) or 4x5, (upon request).  Arrangements can be made for digital images that are sized to print in other common sizes - 5x7, 8x10, 11x14

Printing from your Photo CD:  The JPG files on your photo CD are the exact same files used for your 4x6 wedding prints.  There is no guarantee, however, that prints you make yourself or have printed from these files will look exactly like the prints that are provided to you in your wedding package.  Color, clarity, brightness, overall quality, will vary depending on where the prints are made and the photo paper that is used.  Low cost print houses (Walmart, Costco, Walgrens, etc) can often produce good quality prints but the color and overall quality will vary because they do not provide the same consistency as a professional photo lab. 

To get the best results printing from your CD you should print the images with all automatic enhancement features turned off.  The CD files are already color balanced and edited for the best appearance.  If the software at the printer tries to enhance what has already been enhanced, you may get prints with inaccurate color and tone.   The best advice, if you are having many prints made from your CD at a particular photo printer, is to have one or two prints made and compare them to the original prints provided by Digital Arts Photography.  If you are satisfied with the prints then go ahead and get the remainder.  If you are not satisfied with the results then talk with the print manager or try another location. 

Online Wedding Gallery:  All wedding packages include an online gallery of your wedding pictures so that you can easily share your wedding with friends and family worldwide.  Web galleries are normally online within 10 days of your wedding.  Following your wedding you will receive an email with a direct link to your wedding pictures.  The images in your gallery will be optimized for web viewing and not for printing.  Images in the web gallery are set so that they cannot downloaded.   Individuals can also contact the photographer directly to purchase any of the images in your web gallery.  You may use the images from your web gallery in personal websites or community websites, such as MySpace.   Your web gallery will remain online for approximately 6 months. 

Designing your Wedding Album:  There are two ways to go about the design of your album (1) I creatively design the album myself or (2) you look through your 4x6 prints and send me a list of photos you want in the album.  Either way works fine and your album will be online as it comes together and we will be in touch by email or phone and you can make suggestions or changes as the work progresses.  Whether I design the album on my own or if you provide a list of shots to include, the costs of designing the album are included in the package price.

Black & White Prints:  In general, any image can be printed in color or black and white.  But the best black and white prints will result when the photographer knows in advance that certain images are intended for black and white printing.  If you want your package to contain black and white or sepia toned prints just let me know in advance. 

Comment on minimum number of wedding prints : My style of photography is such that I take a large number of photos.  In most cases the bridal couple will receive more 4x6 prints than the minimum number specified for their package.  There is no charge for these additional prints and you can make the decisions about which ones to place in your album.  Any additional prints will also be included on your photo CD. 

Creative Techniques:  There are wide range of creative techniques that can be applied to your photographs, subtle changes in color or toning, mixtures of black and white and color, and other artistic techniques.  If you are searching for a certain "look" we can discuss the options available. 

Wedding Albums provided with the packages shown above are professional high quality bound albums. Prices for additional album styles are available upon request.

Destination Weddings:  I am available for travel worldwide.  For more info click here.

Print Allowances & Purchasing Additional Wedding Prints
All Wedding Collections include a package of enlargements.  All prints are commercially printed on Kodak Professional paper; canvas prints may not be purchased with the wedding print allowance.  Additional enlargements or reprints may be purchased at the following prices. 

Individual Prints Your photo allowance may be used to purchase prints at the following prices
Set of 8 Wallet Prints  - same print $15.00
4x6 / 4x5 Print $3.50
5x7 Print $15
8x10 Print $25
11x14 $40
16x20 Print $85
20x24,20x30 Print $100

Custom Print Sizes

Unique sizes add a creative touch to your wedding photos

10x10 : $40

12x12 : $50

10x20 : $65

Specialty Items


Wedding Magazine

$99 design fee / $15 per copy / lower price for bulk orders

Print allowance cannot be used for design fee but you can purchase copies of the magazine with your print allowance.

Canvas Mount Prints

Photo allowance cannot be used for canvas prints.

Canvas mounted prints are available in 3 sizes.  These are fine art quality prints, printed on real canvas and stretched on a wooden frame like an oil painting.

11x14 Canvas: $149.95

16x20 Canvas: $219.95

20x24 Canvas: $279.95

"6 Pack" Pricing *


  5x7 Six Pack six 5x7s of the same image - $29.99

     Additional 5x7 prints: $1.49

4x6 Six Pack six 4x5 or 4x6s of the same image $15.95

     Additional 4x5 or 4x6 print: $.99

8x10 Six Pack six 8x10s of the same image $49.99

     Additional 8x10 prints: $3.99

Wallet Six Pack six sets of 8 wallet photos $39.99 

     Additional Sets of 8 wallets: $3.99

* These special prices available only for orders placed at the same time as your initial print order, that is, when you use your print allowance.

Digital Enlargements $25 per file
Shipping : You will be charged the actual cost of shipping  Approx $9 for prints / $15 for an album
Digital Enlargements : Your wedding package will include a CD with jpg files of all of your prints.  These files will be sized so you can easily print your images as 4x6 prints at local photo shops.  If you wish, you may use your print allowance to purchase digital files that are prepared for printing at larger sizes.  The $10 per file charge provides copyright-free files that are sized for printing as 5x7, 8x10, 11x14.  This is a very economical way to get multiple high quality enlargements for a select number of your images.
Custom Work - Creative & Artistic Techniques $75 per hour - This is generally covered in the price of the package.  The price quoted here is for any additional work you might want.
Photo coverage of rehearsal $175  - if added to wedding package - pending availability

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Black & White Wedding Photography - Some examples of my work and ideas on the use of black and white.





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